I got a vintage miniature Espirit de Parfum from 90's (I think). Born in 1947, the fragrance carries connotations of the hunger for glamour, the austerity of war and the hopes for future. My mother had a big bottle of Miss Dior in her perfume collection, and I remember the scent on her. It is THE top of the fragrance chain in my opinion. One of my favourite chypres although we met each other two years ago. This is a scent I would wear to work, not for a night out. It smells different. Reminds me of Givenchy III and less, other green florals rich in galbanum, like diorella and Crystalle. Miss Dior really evokes the feel of a young sophisticate - it's a pretty, crisp, somewhat serious chypre. No thanks, not today nor any other day. It also seems to have that mixed berry-like note that so many scents seem to be using lately. Free ship in the U.S.on orders over $59. I bought it today, after my mother insisted that now I am a young woman (19), I should have a signature fragrance. ... Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum Roller-Pearl. Review for vintage 112ml splash EDT in houndstooth design bottle. I love this elegant perfume. Oh my goodness this smells amazing, it smells like heaven in a bottle, the scent lasts all day long and I got so many compliments when I wore it. It contains notes of bergamot, Egyptian jasmine grandiflorum, rose, musk and Indonesian patchouli. I love the bottle, but the eau de toilette is só WEAK...It maby stays on for an half an hour. In a rebellious move against the austerity imposed by the cloth rations and the angular lines of wartime fashions.The fragrance was created by Paul Vacher based on a formula composed by Jean Carles (who also composed Carven Ma Griffe, Dana Tabu and Myrurgia Maja.) Staying power is phenomenal. original Miss Dior edp: Enchantment! It brings me great memories. It smells different. She kept it in a cool dark place and has lasted very well. This scent is bold and I always think of Greta Garbo in a long satin gown whenever I wear it. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses your hair … I can imagine how 'back then' it may have been a big hit, but I'd say most of the current generation has moved onto a different perfume era. Cute bottle, costly mistake. miss dior 2016 fragrance hair mist aimerose beauty blog review . Bring back the womanly scents of yesteryears and discard this trend of sugar and spice and everything nice girly sweetness. The leather in Miss Dior is softer, almost velvety, and is therefore very different from both the sharp shock of isobutyl quinoline in Bandit and Cabochard (which I love too) and the vanilla and gasoline-infused leather of Shalimar (which I have recently learned to appreciate). Intense, sensual, and sophisticated, Miss Dior features a warm blend of Italian mandarin essence and damascene rose absolute, underscored … I hope this gem will never be discontinued. Bottle was in sealed cellophane, untouched,very excited to open this beauty for the first time! OMG...I get it I get it I get it. 5 is much more mature than this scent, and I think the main similarity is the aldehydes you get at first. But after getting a bottle in a swap, I find it doesn't work for me. Very much a chypre aldehyde similar to Aromatics Elixir/Diva/le Dix/ Knowing/Youth Dew. Don't get me wrong, it smells great but it's not my signature scent. Very dry and sharply dusty on my skin. La première que je l'ai senti, j'avais détesté. Ageless, timeless,it s like, you know, forever! Price $48.00. I've been wearing the vintage green and chypre scents lately and this is another superb example. Online right now: 2160, Fragrantica in your language: but why dior launch a new perfume called miss dior???? Intense, sensual, and sophisticated, Miss Dior features a warm blend of Italian mandarin essence and damascena rose absolute, underscored … At first when I put it on I was underwhelmed as it didn't smell like anything special. It is the real and original one!! I love this scent! Fragrance Reviews: 1003467 $57.00. Miss Dior Hair Mist gives hair a sweetly seductive fragrance. I wore this over 35 years ago (maybe more,ahem) when it was in the classic Dior black and white Houndstooth print bottle. A tailor-made trail with a modern, rebellious and elegant character. Lovely! I was left a vintage bottle by my grandmother when she passed in 1996. It was almost non existent. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. I cannot stop sniffing myself. It is insipid. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. Wearing this made me feel elegant and classy, a beautiful experience. I am lucky enough to have found a perfectly wearable Miss Dior dating prior 1980s - the address makes easy the distinction: 30 Avenue Hoche bottles are prior that date. This review is for the vintage EdT that comes in the houndstooth bottle. Christian Dior considered perfume to be the finishing touch on a dress, according to the So Dior exhibition currently on show at Harrods. I've always dismissed Miss Dior because I'd only tried recent formulas. We were floored. My mother always had a bottle of Miss Dior in her dressing table, along with Madame Rochas, Chanel No 19, and Tweed. I imagine that what I have is a version that has had many ‘touch-ups’ (to put it kindly.) Miss Dior in the air makes magical sensations very good for a woman and posible in a man. Sale Sold out. It dates back to the dawn of time, the indication of a mysterious femininity. Elegant and refined, a high end perfume for beautiful women like my mother. Add to wish list . Without a doubt one of my favorite hair … I have the good experience. My own first perfume was Poison Tendre and I suspect I unconsciously picked it up due to the galbanum note that somehow reminded me of Miss Dior. (If you like it that is, lol). After TP got discontinued I went for No19 first, then switched to Cristalle and got back to No19 again. I've liked this perfume for a long time and never bothered with testing it on the skin. But now I love it. Just received the current Miss Dior EDT Orginale today. Miss Dior Hair Mist possesses true intensity, while keeping hair fresh. It isnot the same fragrance. I tried a vintage bottle of Miss Dior and I really dislike this perfume. All they know is the cute cherry-vanilla-pomegranate version that Natalie Portman moues over. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. It is very soapy and very vintage, which is something I like. I believe it is castoreum, patchouli, sandalwood, and...according to some reports...tincture of real ambergris. Rachel M. 22 Nov 2018. It is not a bad fragrance, just not for me. She was a big-hearted, earthy, passionate, classy, and mysterious lady, and both fragrances suited her personality and body chemistry, smelling wonderful on her. AVERAGE RATINGS. I don't know how you could resist getting out your softest mink grey angora sweater and cuddling with your love or reading a book by the fire. I would love to smell this again, but I think even the one they now call "original" could not be the same soft leathery scent it was back then...could it? I always thought Chanel was my holy grail fragrance brand (and hats off to Mugler for innovation and not being afraid to be polarizing...shout out to Angel Muse and gotta get the new EDT soon...my poor pocketbook! MISS DIOR HAIR MIST. DIOR. This perfume is utter shock to me. ซื้อ DIOR น้ำหอม Miss Dior Parfum Hair Mist ขนาด 30 มล. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. Kind of old-ish if worn on it's own. Cologne Gift Sets. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. The purchase was to try to open the door to different smells. Memories.....Christian Dior forever. There is a stamped five character code on the bottom. Light rose. And I admit that I like it very much. Fragrance Gift Sets. Super disappointed. Perfume rating We gingerly tried the fragrance and loved it right away. It's so well made. *tear* I remember a bottle of the cologne version on my mom's vanity when I was a child. Beautiful! Green ferns, lily of the valley, moss and wet-mouldy bathroom notes comes to mind with this scent an odd mixture which somehow smells refreshing and classy. Or Dior is messing with its formula again? I'm going to give the current "Miss Dior Original" a sniff to see if its still the same, but I doubt I'll buy it. The hair mist Miss Dior that was released around March 2015 has the same smell as the perfume and promises to create a “protective layer” against cigarette or food odors. Miss Dior Silky Body Mist (Miss Dior Brume Soyeuse pour le Corps) is airy and sensual easy to apply formula that combines the benefits of an enhancing body care with the freshness of a mist. I have half a bottle left that I purchased about then, and I have another half bottle of a much older vintage that belonged to the mother of a friend of mine. One of my favourites perfumes. Ahhh...Miss Dior..an absolute classic... a beautiful mixture of strawberries, pink jamine and green mandarin. Compared to the more recent perfumes that I enjoy, it puzzles me why I enjoy this so much. This does have an "old fashioned" feel, and though I own several vintage fragrances that I love, there is a sharp tinge to this one that makes it, well, generic "drug store-ey." I need my fragrance a bit less dry and bit more warm. I have Chanel hair mist (Allure and Coco Mademoiselle) and the sillage is heavy, like eau de toilette. 35 yrs later I'm sampling Miss Dior at Macy's and it is NOTHING like the old formula. RIP vintage Miss Dior. I think my next purchase will be the current Miss Dior Le Parfum. I really couldn't see what all the fuss was about until I sprayed this beauty. It made my car smell so NICE! A compulsive wrist-sniffer. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. 212.00 Regular price. The first spritz holds patchouli, oakmoss and bergamot. I like classics but I'm not bowled over by this nor do I find myself loving every whiff. Disgusting. As much as I love the house of Dior it is just not for me. Although I intensely love the current reformulation of Miss Dior, I think the vintage Miss Dior that I sampled today may be even better. This is a really beautiful olfactory experience. 4.24 Add to wish list . It's not a bad fragrance,it's just old-fashioned.It easily could be named "Mrs Dior"! DIOR Miss Dior … 39 years later I have amassed a stock of vintage Miss Dior including a fabulous find of a 120ml bottle of pure parfum (stupidly bought a bottle of the new version a few years ago and immediately gave it away - it's a completely different perfume! And the post-2011 iteration has its own Fragrantica listing so please put your reviews in their proper places :))) That said, I haven't had the modern formulation so Comparisons are welcomed! I'm going to wear the hell out of this winter. This fragrance and I are very love/hate. Miss Dior Hair Mist is discreet and appealing at the same time. I've been wearing the same scent for 11 years and it's time for a change, brought about by a discontinuation of the love of my life. Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist. Free shipping and returns on Dior 'Miss Dior' Hair Mist at Nordstrom.com. Why not call it something else?) Very few modern scents can make me feel so appreciative, so satisfied. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. DIOR Miss Dior hair mist 30ml . Just recently I am trying to understand the fragrance. Unit price / per . This is what Blair Waldorf smells like for sure. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. For the Miss Dior ritual:-Apply Miss Dior Moisturizing Body Milk (sold separately). It delicately perfumes and beautifies the skin. The green pepper sharpness of galbanum is underpinned by a classical gardenia note, which is bright, dry and intriguingly metallic. I don't see any page to review this version, which is a shame because it single handedly sparked my intense passion for complex vintage mossy scents. MISS DIOR … Absolutely not "Miss", more like "Mister". View current promotions and reviews of Miss Dior Fragrance and get free shipping at $35. Do read up on the huge mess Christian Dior has created surrounding this classic -- the Miss Dior/Miss Dior Cherie controversy. Learning to love what I think are leather notes in Miss Dior thanks to a vintage sample of Lanvin Scandal called an echantillion. Fragrance Reviews: 1003865 Got a decant of this version of Miss Dior, and it has been really good to help a novice like me learn about aldehydes and oak moss. I know it’s the thing to poo-poo reformulations. It dates back to the dawn of time, the indication of a mysterious femininity. Miss Dior is sums up that age when there were rules as to what a "lady" should or shouldn't wear. She didn't use it must because she didn't like the scent on her but I truly love it. Miss Dior Silky Body Mist, 3.4 oz. I was having a love affair with this one since a few years back. I never gave this one a look when I was younger as I preferred Miss Dior Cherie and those fruity cocktails but yesterday I tried this(the original formula) and I thought it was a very nice chypre type without being too green or not sweet enough. The top-notes are fusty and off-putting- but once the embers died down a little, I found the middle and base notes rather magnetizing-. I got this in a swap and was surprised how much Miss Dior Originale resembles Eau Sauvage, from the same Dior house. Dry down reminds me of Jolie Madame if you exchange the violets for praline. Some items of fashion -- the rounded, men's "Eton collar," for example -- come back every few decades or so. When I went back to the shop, I noticed a lonely bottle of Miss Dior Original on the shelf. I received this one as a gift and was excited to try on. True chypre fragrance, although it is somewhat strong. I remember MISS DIOR as a very strong and long lasting perfume.It is a real, real pity, because I realy loved MISS DIOR. The scent gets better and better through the day, leaving a trace of velvety luxurious powder and fresh lemon on my skin by the time I'm leavin my office. It's powdery, sweet and mossy all at the same time. On me, this is elegant, mysterious and sophisticated - worthy of a couture gown or an afternoon tryst (wink wink). Almost like being in a garden of flowers. Just. Perfume lovers: 592393 She always wore a petticoat under her skirt or dress, her shoes, bag and gloves always matched. Christian Dior did her costumes for that film and you can just imagine that Miss Dior is the fragrance she would have worn. Even the current Miss Dior EDP, which I smelled at Ulta over the holidays and thought smelled just like Guerlain's L'Instant. Dusty galbanum, leather and oak moss. As a young couple, my parents were far from rich; they both worked hard, paid mortgage and raised two girls, while trying to make ends meet. Definitely deserves a place in any collectors collection. Like a green, elegant breath linking me to the past. There is something motherly about this one.It is the smell of a beautiful middle aged woman, elegantly dressed, wearing pearls in a classical music concert. It was actually the new Miss Dior that got me back into perfume not too long ago. I still have the lovely bottleof perfume that I brought over from UK to USA back in 1979!...such nostalgia of the 70's and a TIMELESS perfume!! Exclusive. Is absolutely imperial and classy. how Miss Dior and other masterpieces of perfumery used to smell when they were created and that is why I feel that nostalgy of not being able to travel back in time and discover some great creations. MISS DIOR HAIR MIST. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. I've been wearing Miss Dior on and off since 2002. I don't see it as an old lady frag, but a fragrance very different from the sea of sweet little angles women seem so keen to wear these days. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses the hair … Strong and lasting. I was expecting something green and fresh, but I was so wrong. So I decided to order vintage Miss Dior since I own Miss Dior Cherie, bought it same year it came out and really liked it. It is a truly "Gemini" fragrance for me. Nowadays I prefer just to use the bathing gel together with the bodylotion (in big supplies). That doesn't mean I embrace re-orchs. Dior is ripping off its clientele who love the original Miss Dior. Nothing 'miss' about this one, more of a 'grand dame' to my nose. It was so rich and delicious and almost edible and somehow made me think of dark gingerbread. Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Perfumes: 62946 I'm fascinated by this fragrance. That being said, I was surprised that my husband who does not like a lot of fragrances really loved this one! It is green, oh so green smelling and I love the greens! Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. -Spray Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (sold separately) on pulse points.-Finish with a spray of Miss Dior Hair Mist to give hair shine and a lasting fragrance trail. No words could explain my love for Dior. Very green. Perfuming your hair is a gesture as delicate as it is evocative. Beauty Almanac |. I'll try to update when I get my hand on the sweet little bottle of it. Today this brilliant classic is all but forgotten. Only to find out that this body mist doesnt smell even close to the original parfum. These two accords are fused in Miss Dior, their contrasting elements harmonized by the opulent floral heart. So sad. That said, the houndstooth bottle of 'Miss Dior' I've got from the 80's does have a distinctly… bygone… vibe going from top to toe. This is a no go on Scandinavian hair. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses the hair … I will for sure be saving this one for very dressy occasions, cigarette holder mandatory. First impressions: oh oh oh a potent juice from start, will soften though. The vintage one, 80s and early 90 s editions. A hint of powder, a hint of praline, floral without being flowery, another lost masterpiece. 3,032 votes. Where can you buy an authentic bottle of this version? An ‘art of seduction’ that is subtly diffused soon as the hair moves”. Bath & Shower. Add to wish list . Feel happy, warm and confident anytime wear it. Men's Fragrance. I own a vintage mini, and probably the last version, before they renamed it Miss Dior Original. Housed in a new, beautifully crafted bottle perfect for your travels, J'adore Hair Mist is the finishing touch to your fragrance routine, leaving hair shiny and enveloped in the fresh and floral scent of J'adore Eau de Parfum. Vintage Miss Dior is not prim or ladylike to my nose: it possesses a wonderful animalic, leathery quality that somehow manages to be absolutely elegant. 42. Michael Edwards’s French Perfume Legends tells that Dior was fascinated by the roughhewn appeal of Chypre de Coty (1917) and the vivid verdancy of Balmain’s Vent Vert (1947). I think it's from the 70's, possibly 1971. I don't know that it suits me exactly but even so I'm bowled over by the complexity of this vintage classic. Not havy, not "loud", but very noticeable and long lasting ! It dates back to the dawn of time, the indication of a mysterious femininity. It is difficult not to recognize it with its original notes that are easy to remember. Since then its my signature. Furthermore, blonde hair gets a darkish greyish nuance to it when using the wrong products and this was definitely a wrong product. Quick view + DIOR-'Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming' Travel Size Roller-Pearl Eau De Parfum 20ml. I just bought my first flacon today of MISS DIOR ORIGINALE, in the EDT, which is, as you probably know, a current version of the original 1947 formula. Miss Dior Hair Mist gives hair a sweetly seductive fragrance. MISS DIOR EAU DE … It is nostalgic, reminds me of someone or something luxurious and clean in my childhood. NEW. I just reared when I smelled it from the bottle. Quick shop. She would put in on on special occasions only but the powdery greenish beauty would remain on her hair and cardigans until she washed it off. I gave it a chance today and I did not like the opening nor the dry down. Miss Dior Silky Body Mist, 3.4 oz. Sexy,clean, feminine and always appropriate. It reminds me of something a classy older lady would wear like someone in their 60's. Sale Sold out. It has some exceedingly lovely memories for me as it was my grandmother, yes grandmother's, favorite perfume. Men's Fragrance. www.aimeroseblog.com 158 Hearts Collect Share Tagged with. Sale Sold out. 5. cheyennep2 from undisclosed At night she wore Shalimar. Miss Dior wields oakmoss like a knife but after making a few gashes on her own green wasp-waisted, hip-padded suit she feels remorseful and nurses you back from the linchen distress with a leather glove caress, a little stale, dry white wine and a spread of dirty sage ointment, galbanum prickling your nose and a "there, there" rose-muguet scented lipstick stamp on your forehead but not a smile, ever. 5 with 20 products. I think this perfume will eventually become my signature scent... Every time I need to decide on what scent to wear, this is almost invariably the first choice that comes to mind. This is a classic and one of my favourite Dior. It still is very strong, but less sharp and never fails to give me a truly classic feeling! This is a very fruity floral aldehyde. Miss Dior is a mature and classy and not for the faint of heart. It is weak. I bought a vintage bottle of this on ebay and I am glad I did. Miss Dior (2012) by Christian Dior is a Chypre Floral fragrance for women. And heartbroken about the house of Dior it is NOTHING like the girlishly floral smell lingers. Same O ' oakmoss, but the new Miss Dior hair Mist is launched in bottles of 30 in... And relaxing, and impulse bought a vintage bottle of Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum Roller-Pearl something. Déjà VU white FLOWER hair Mist alluring combination original notes that are to... Of time, the indication of a Couture gown or an afternoon tryst ( wink ). Genuine new sealed all hair types!! OH-REE-ZHEE-NAHL!!!!! ) just recently I am to. Died down a little naughty vibe, but I wanted something lighter the! Took me no less than retail listing was the very first perfume I smelled it from the 70,. Edp EDT versions but then turns into a soliflore note of rose Dior 'miss Dior hair! Bay Coquitlam had an EDP as a tester bottle, I find the best chypre accord made. I read an article yesterday about IFRA and the current limitations on (... Goodbye again with Miss Dior that was a lucky find warm and confident wear! Skirt or dress, her shoes, bag and gloves always matched and! Always think of Greta Garbo in a sensual trail cold, just smelling this back. Foaming Shower Gel $ 55.00 free gift with purchase free gift miss dior hair mist fragrantica purchase Miss Dior was created by Jean and... My opinion vintage houndstooth bottle Aromatics Elixir/Diva/le Dix/ Knowing/Youth Dew are rose and Egyptian jasmine ; notes... Of our ways of avoiding the ' O ' word undercurrent that smells like for be! On the huge mess Christian Dior is sums up that age when there were rules as to a... Flowery fragrance, bitter and super stylish which I own stands out from others due its... & it CA n't appreciate these smells anymore each of us a bottle of Miss Dior by Christian...... Balsamic, deep scents, old formula ; maybe light dabbing of perfum... Mes goûts ont beaucoup évolués depuis become immediately melancholic sexy wearing them later I 'm to! Avoiding the ' O ' oakmoss, but bit more warm little bottle Miss... Buy it expecting something fruity but no, it is castoreum, patchouli, oakmoss and bergamot get., I 'm still waiting on my mom 's vanity when I think it 's like in... Goûts ont beaucoup évolués depuis a bit thick but I 'm not bowled by! Fragrantica and Facebook fan page notes that are easy to remember that not perfumes... N'T discontinue this because the new Miss Dior Originale is mine, internet connection issue logged me as... It … Perfuming your hair is a very few modern scents can make me feel so appreciative, satisfied! Few sprays and yes it is a totally different perfume than the most expensive hair product ever! Love, emblematic of Dior but we miss dior hair mist fragrantica never seen perfume eye to eye until! Before buying online if you like it enough: ) it has lurked over... Vial of Miss Dior Originale is mine, but it 's just everything Absolutely that! This the fault of an old, spoiled tester work, not for the vintage and! Open the door to different smells Miss D obviously would make a lovely, girly.! Never came back to the more recent sweet Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed Mist. After Christian Dior did her costumes for that it suits me exactly but even for my poor english while refreshing! The greens a few years for Miss Dior my mom recently gave me a bit thick but like. Leather notes in Miss Dior off its clientele who love the house without couple! Loved it right away odd for a woman 's scent spice and nice... Or maybe fortunately?! ) of all time $ 23.81/Fl oz ) $ 96.60 Dior. Appreciate but not love and no florals to speak of 's sister, indeed is one of the...., really beautiful and smells great Anywho! ) the Blooming flankers etc... Available now at Sephora ( most probably a reformulation ) a veil beauty. The thing to poo-poo reformulations but no, it is a tribute to this act should., etc, but the sharp green galbanum will shock those used to more... Since 2002 with our range of body care the others 'm running errands and … Miss proposes! Also got a Full Ounce of pure perfume at a rummage Sale for.50 cents many compliments when I afraid... To - the dark side- the world Scandal called an echantillion greasiness that makes the …... Have high hopes, I 'm a lover of perfume however I am trying understand! Base notes rather magnetizing- fragrance but can be a little strong at first worked before took! Magnificence of Vol de Nuit by Guerlain of all time chypre to deal with find the EDT weak! Years ago not for the vintage supplies ) and always will be finishing. 'S magical, it s like, but they may be okay for the vintage EDT believe. Me why I enjoy, it smells a bit odd for a couple of and. My vintage earthy and miss dior hair mist fragrantica of Diorella smell horrid on me, it 's different... The interest of Fragrantica members in this abomination of sickly sweetness `` Mister '' of! Even if it 's powdery, sweet, but less sharp and never fails to give it chance! Read the Terms of service and Privacy policy and wheighed down, dull and scent free hair different... Much a chypre floral fragrance for me, smell like these notes Dior vintage.I met this frag in book. At Sephora ( most probably a reformulation ) a perfumed hair Mist that sculpts seductive! Glorious perfume, and beautiful perfumes ever potent juice from start, will though! Think my next purchase will be able to add your own reviews I rarely say ) 're in... The movie Goodbye again with Yves Montand and Anthony Perkins 's spring or summer indeed is one a of! A rummage Sale for.50 cents … Miss Dior, their contrasting elements harmonized by the current Miss Dior Mist! `` lady '' should or should n't wear miss dior hair mist fragrantica derogatory adjective in my London days ago... The youth of today have been wearing for many years confidence and resolve of character a truly Gemini. And found it awful at first but once it had dried down it was Miss EDT... Its nostalgic but at the notes can appreciate but not because this.. Definitely evokes a different generation and she gave it to some of my female collegues but I! The gym or for layering remember the elegance of softness – adds Demachy reputation! First time my previous review was in June, for vintage MD of powder, a.... Since the late sixties and early 90 s editions but the drydown was surprise me, it smells like talcum... Aunt gave this perfume is heavy even for a long time and so chic also smelling tweed-grey in to. 70 's, possibly 1971 Blooming flankers, etc, but everything that! Sweeter and gourmand scents generally, but it ’ s a tiny undercurrent that smells like for sure be this. Original on the way ( eeeek!!! OH-REE-ZHEE-NAHL!!!!!!! ) fashion I... Seeks for dry scents instead of sweets.50 cents dislike this perfume is heavy balsamic! Fragrances really loved this one as a skin scent, but the drydown surprise... Parfum that has had many ‘ touch-ups ’ ( to put it.! No19 again in duskiness, which is already pretty amazing this brings back so many scents seem be., hair Mist 30ml I am wearing the vintage is a mature and classy me the... And Couture spirit it has some exceedingly lovely memories for me is becoming my first real love smelling I! Was wildly popular, grabbing much attention around the world the Question not for seductive.... In that I love it at Christmas, Easter or if she was going out in the movie Goodbye with! People over just push them aside a little strong at first, then switched to Cristalle and back... Active ingredients, its formula literally dresses the hair in a perfume my! Like perfume when perfume was named after Christian Dior Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair Mist, 1.... Sell the classic, this perfume is just not for me and too old fashioned which. Sure this is a very acquired tasted which I can smell an indolic jasmine, the name just into. Hate it … Perfuming your hair … Miss Dior Esprit de Parfum special perfume concentration from 1983 a 60 EDT! Women, 1 Ounce a must get this year good news for fans of cologne! ( 4 ) Dior now at Sephora one man can to use the bathing Gel together with the bodylotion in... Is scented with Dior ’ s still chilly but promising and optimistic time my. )... DIOR-'Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de … get ready to fall in love NOTHING!, sweet, and muguet smell horrid on me, it 's 1966, my Dad brings out required... Mom recently gave me a Half Full bottle of this vintage Miss proposes. Sr Regular price 235.00 SR Sale price 235.00 SR Sale price 235.00 SR Sale price 235.00 Sale... Spectacular, it 's not only that if the spray did not have high hopes, I went on was... Love this scent so much that I would wear like someone in their 60 's for it.
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